A few months ago, we got some of the best news our lives. My wife found out that she was having a baby, our first baby. I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed with the news, but also terrified at the same time. I’ve always wanted to be a father. I was pictured myself playing football and basketball with my kid teaching him or her how to go fishing, how to climb rocks and trees, how to build a tree house or playhouse. But in all of these visions and dreams that I have, I imagine that I would be in excellent shape and in excellent health.

I’m not the one pregnant, but I am the one who is overweight. We have been married for over five years and the past five years I have gained over 55 pounds. My wife is still as trim is ever and I am sure that even after pregnancy, she will bounce back into fitness because she eats healthy diets regularly exercises. She has always tried to get me to be healthy with her but I always preferred to drink beer after work any nachos with the boys on the weekends.

But the idea that I am going to have a kid very soon has changed all of that for me. I know that if I want to be the father that I have always envisioned myself being, that I am going to have to lose weight. Although my wife will be eating extra because she will be eating for two, I have been eating for two for the past five years. And this is now going to stop. I have always been an all or nothing kind of guy. I either eat whatever I want and don’t do any exercise at all, for I take it to the next level and practically starve myself and exercise for three hours a day. I’ve realized what I need in order to succeed is balance and dedication.

So I decided to make this blog is a commitment to myself and to my wife but most of all to my son Eric. We found out that we are having a son we decided to name him Eric. So this blog is dedicated to being the best man that I can be, the best father that I can possibly be for my son Eric. I will commit to blogging each week tracking my progress as I embark on a new journey to become healthier man so I can do all of the things I have always dreamed of doing with my son. I don’t want to be one of those diets that says he can’t play with his kid outside because he’s tired. I don’t want to be playing soccer outside for my kid with a bad knee and a bad back and having to stop because I’m out of breath and out of shape after only 10 minutes of play. So this blog is for you, my son, as I tried to be the best man I can be for you and your mother. I love you, I love my wife, and they need to learn to start loving myself in treating my body like a temple.