2012 Genital Integrity Awareness Week

Today marks day one of Genital Integrity Awareness Week.  Throughout the country, there will be peaceful demonstrations and marches to raise awareness of this issue.  Most importantly, a large group of intactivists from all over the world will unite in Washington D.C. for the 19th annual demonstration / march against infant circumcision. For this event in Washington D.C., the demonstration will be held on the west lawn of the US Capitol from Monday 26 March – Sunday 1 April 2012.  Two marches are scheduled for this event as well.  The first march, from the US Capitol to the White House, will be on Friday 30 March 2012 starting at 6 PM (EDT). The second march, beginning at 4 PM (EDT) on Sunday 1 April 2012, will start at the US Capitol and end at the White House.  A HUGE thanks goes out to the director, Mr. David Wilson, and to everyone involved in making this happen, from the planning, to the hours spent in preparation for the event, etc.  Four individuals from the End Routine Infant Circumcision page will be in attendance amongst the large group of intactivists who will help spread awareness.

For more information please visit the Stop Infant Circumcision site.

*Above image courtesy of IntactNews.org