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  1. Hate is a strong word, I don’t hate my parents but I absolutely hate the fact that they circumcised me it was my body so it should of been my choice. The doctor which performed the surgery did it too tight, I now have penoscrotal webbing. The doctor also did an overall poor job. I live in California, and every summer I usually go up into the high mountains of the Sierras. If you have never been high in elevation it is dry very dry. Every year when I have gone my penis glans have become chapped. This is very painful especially when you are pursuing outdoor activities, when I return to sea level the chapped area turns into a scab. I do not think about being circumcised too often however certain things cause me to be angry towards my parents. Examples of this include when I get out of the shower and my penis is sensitive sometimes i forget about this fact and my towel is very abrasive I fell i need no more explaining. A better example would be when I am riding my bike and my clothes are very abrasive on my penis, whenever the events occur, I just have feelings of hate toward my parents.

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