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  1. When I was pregnant with my son, I didn’t even know what circumcision was. I had only seen one intact penis, and honestly, I was intimidated by it… Because I had NEVER seen one that was normal and natural.
    When I gave birth to my son I asked my doctor when I should get him circumcised, and she asked me why. I said that his dad is, and I didn’t want him to feel weird (yes I had this thought :/ Not proud of it) She gave me a weird look and said that this reasoning wasn’t the right way to decide what to do. She then told me that my insurance wouldn’t cover it, and that the hospital doesn’t do it. I was a bit confussed, I am SO grateful for this doctor, and for medicaid not covering it. It gave me time to REALLY think about what I was going to be doing to my son.
    I was never told there were benefits to circumcision. I just thought it the “normal” thing. Even after deciding to keep my son whole, I still thought it the parent’t choice until 2 years later when I was pregnant with my daughter.
    I was in a ‘reading everything I can’ phase pregnant with her and was learning all I could about anything mother related. Why I didn’t do this while pregnant with my son I still don’t know.
    When I learned that female circumcision was LEGAL here in the US, and it was being done HERE, and not just in third world countries, I was appauled. I then learned how similar type one female mutilation is to the circumcision done on boys, and was SO appauled at what was happening. I then went into learning ALL I could fit into my pregnancy brain about circumcision, about the foreskin, and about what circumcision does to the child physically and emotionally. I told my mom about what I was learning, and she said that 2 of my brothers were not circumcised. She said that one of my brothers almost died, and she couldn’t bring herself to risk another child’s life again. One is 21, and the other is 19. NO problems what so ever. I REALLY wish that circumcision would have been talked about in our home… maybe my other nephew could have been spared this cosmetic proceedure.
    I then talked with my sister, and she confirmed my findings of brain chemistry being changed in the infants, NEVER to go back to how it was again. I was told that her sons were intact and perfect. I was SO happy to find that not all my nephews were subjected to this, and that my sister agreed with my new found stance.
    I have only been an intactivist for 7 months, even though my son is intact and almost 3. I now no longer can EVER see this as a parents choice when it does SO much harm to the child. I thank God every day that my son, even though I was ignorant, has NEVER been forcibly retracted I thank God everyday that I had enough common sense, even though I didn’t have the facts, to keep him how God made him. Thank you for reading.

  2. It has come to my attention that I am a victim of genital mutilation, also known as “circumcision” I was shaken to my core. I felt weak, shaky, and I didn’t feel like eating for a few days. I have been crying more in the last two and a half months than in the rest of my life combined.. All my life I thought I was normal, but it turns out I’m missing the most sexually sensitive part of my body. I am not happy about this, as one can imagine. My parents never told me anything regarding this. I am wondering why my family, and perhaps others we know, have been thinking it’s acceptable to remove part of an infants body, especially considering the infant has no say in it. I have no problem with people modifying their own bodies, but when they start doing it to other people…wow, I mean, that’s just wrong. The victims of this atrocity are restrained from all movement of arms and legs. Then the surgeon forcibly yanks the victim’s genitals by ripping, cutting, and pulling the foreskin away. It is something that goes against many things, including the Bible, the Constitution, and basic human rights. Are we really the moral Christians we think we are, or claim to be? Didn’t we read what Paul says about circumcision in Galatians? Didn’t we stop and think that doing something like that to an infant might wrong? No, we let ourselves become brainwashed by American culture and lies. We have gotten to the point where it’s become some sort of “routine”. Approximately 100 babies die every year from this sick, barbaric practice. Many others have severe complications, the details of which I will not disclose here.

    As I said earlier, I am not happy about this. In fact, you could say I’m angry. Why? I’m angry because:
    1. Part of my body was removed without my consent.
    2. I suffered excruciating pain while the foreskin was cut away.
    3. My parents did nothing to protect me. They wanted me to be circumcised.
    4. A part of my body that was supposed to produce pleasurable sensations experienced excruciating pain.
    5. The two most erogenous parts of my penis – the prepuce and frenulum – were cut off.
    6. My penis has a scar.
    7. A private, sexual body part that should be hidden most of the time is permanently exposed.
    8. I have spent years wondering what was wrong with me.
    9. Both myself and my future wife have been denied the pleasures of natural sex.
    10. Foreskin restoration is time consuming and will never restore the tissues and their nervous system that was taken from me.
    11. I feel shame.
    12. I feel incomplete, damaged, abnormal, inferior, victimized and violated.
    13. There was never any scientific reason to mutilate me in the first place.
    14. I feel my life has been much less than it should have been.
    15. I feel like a failed Victorian medical experiment.
    16. Helpless male babies and young boys are still having their genitals mutilated.

    I pray that my family and relatives will not subject their sons to this brutal, hurtful, unforgivable, sexually limiting, psychologically damaging, and potentially deadly practice.

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