Circumcision Decision DVD By The Whole Network!

We at ERIC are proud to share the Circumcision Decision DVD, created by The Whole Network.  This will be the best $5.00 you’ve spent.

From TWN, “A powerful, professional DVD created specifically for parents who are expecting a baby boy. This DVD is loaded with our favorite clips and includes some of the most influential videos we’ve found to date.

This DVD includes a variety of perspectives ranging from doctors, lawyers, nurses, parents, and professionals. All of the basics are covered, such as circumcision complications, ethics, professional experience, foreskin importance and function, as well as a circumcision being performed.”

This DVD comes with The Whole Netwok’s Circumcision Decision Pack, but can also be purchased by itself (or sent directly to someone you know.)  Each DVD will be sent with our contact information only, and your personal information will be kept private.

CLICK HERE to purchase your DVD for only $5!

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