So this is a website or blog that I have decided to create at the dedication to my baby boy will be born at the end of this year. While my wife go through her pregnancy, I am embarking on my own journey to get in shape so that I can be a better father and a better husband.

My name is Jack Palmer and I am 37 years old. In high school I was that guy who had a six pack and washboard abs. All the other guys at school were jealous of me and jealous of my body, but the funny thing is I did nothing for it. Call it genetics or whatever you will, but I never worked out I went to the gym. I was a jock and I played sports at school, but I ate whatever I wanted. Some days I ate two whole pizzas to myself. And I hate to admit it now, but I was kind of a bully. I used to make fun of the guys who were fat in overweight and obese. Those guys were eating better than I was and more healthily than I was. After college, the lucky genetics I had started to let’s say, fail me. I was still big and strong but never had that sixpack anymore. Everyone called  me Husky or big boned or stocky which was fine with me. That’s when I met my wife we got married a few years later.

But as time went on, my diet got worse and I gained over 50 pounds. It bothered me that I couldn’t wear a swimsuit or trunks with confidence but most of my buddies were pretty big too so never really thought of it. That is until we found out that my wife was going to have a child. And in that moment I realized I needed to make a commitment and a change because otherwise I was going to be fat father, and obese father. And I grew up with the dad who was in excellent shape. My dad would take us fishing, built us a treehouse in the property. He would play soccer with us and he was as strong as a bear. In fact he still is in excellent shape and that has made him able to be an excellent father for us. So I’ve decided that I’m going to lose weight and get in shape for my kid and for my family and this blog is going to help me stay motivated and stay committed to making a change that lasts. Wish me luck.